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Commercial Overhead Doors

A new garage door is a serious investment. So, you should only trust expert technicians with a proven track record. When it comes to installing new garage doors, McLeod County Garage Door Service is your best option. Because we want the best for our customers, we provide advice on the ideal styles, materials, and colors for your door. Expect us to recommend all the technical features that will go well with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Having a new garage door is one of the best ways to add value to your home.

So, contact us today at

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Rolling Steel Door

Working with a wide range of different suppliers allows us to work in all industries. McLeod County Garage Doors not only enjoys working on big commercial projects but thrives in the commercial environment. Whether were working on reframing areas to install larger overhead doors or installing fire safe doors you'll catch us doing it with a smile. Here are some, not limited to, of the industries we work in:

  • Mechanic/ Repair Shops

  • Restaurants

  • Fire Departments

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Parking Garages

  • Storage Units

  • Food Manufacturing 

  • Car Wash

If you don't see your industry just give us a call and see how we can help. Call (320) 300-0370

Commercial Overhead Maintenance

Industrial Garage Door

We take pride in being the go-to provider of commercial overhead doors for businesses of all sizes and industries. With that being said we understand that these types of doors require a lot of maintenance and that's why we offer commercial clients exclusive membership packages to help them ensure their doors are running safely and efficiently. Contact us today and get signed up for a customized maintenance package to help!

Call: (320) 300-0370


Mechanic Shop Overhead Doors

Shop Doors Photo

Mechanic shops like to ensure they have the proper lighting when working on they're cars and that's why we recommend the full view panels. Offering plenty of lighting to ensure the work can be done safely and effective while retaining good energy efficiency. When it comes to insulation we have you covered. Offering R-Value ranges from 6 - 18.4 we can ensure you save money on your energy. 

Run a mechanic shop and looking for a solution to your door problems? Call us: (320) 300-0370

Fire House Overhead Doors

Fire House Garage Doors

When it comes to fire halls we understand the importance of not only a safe efficient running door but also understand the importance of a FAST moving door. We offer doors that move 24" per second! That's important to have when you need to get vehicles in and out for life saving calls. 

Call us today to ensure your doors are running properly and maybe even upgrade the system you have.

Phone: (320) 300-0370


Manufacturing Over Head Doors

Manufacturing Garage Doors

The industrial/manufacturing industry is a great mechanical system that relies on many different moving parts. There are many different types of manufacturing plants and they all require a number of different doors. Everything from coiling doors, fire rated doors and even more customized doors. We offer a wide range of products/solutions to the problems manufacturing facilities face. Call/email us today to see how we can help.

Call: (320) 300-0370



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