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Garage Door Installation Near You

Installing a garage door is not a project that you should DIY. For your safety, you should trust the experts at McLeod County Garage Doors. We will not only ensure your safety but also ensure that your door runs as smooth and efficiently as possible. Properly installing a garage door will help the door last decades. 

We live by "Done Right The First Time" and ensure you'll have no garage door issues for years to come. 

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Is It Hard to Install a Garage Door Yourself?

Garage Door Installation

While installing a garage door yourself may save you a few bucks you risk your safety and could improperly install the garage door causing you to spend more money down the road on repairs. Even having the correct tools, knowledge and expertise can cause a garage door installation to take up to 12 hours.

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn't install a garage door yourself: 

You'll Need Special Tools

Installing garage doors takes more tools than the basic toolbox you purchase from a hardware store. The spring line alone requires unique tools only seen in the garage door industry to properly install and balance.

Complicated Pieces of Equipment

The reason special tools are required is because of the complex components needed to properly install a garage door. You'll be working with springs, hinges and electrical parts and they all work as one. Managing these components properly is only the beginning not to mention your door will weigh hundreds of pounds making it a series safety concerned if none of the components are installed properly.

Cost's More

Like most things you try to do something yourself and it ends up costing you more money in the long run after you buy all the correct parts or maybe even call a professional to come finish the job. When you buy a door yourself you're relying on box store employees to package your components properly and we see it all the time. You often have to buy new components that will work with your unique door/frame set up. If you are lucky enough to truly get all the components you are then relying on those employees to give you the CORRECT ones and not components that will break/ware down in a short amount of time.


Depending where you get your door from will change the warranty, if any, you receive. When you work with a professional like McLeod County Garage Doors, you get many different warranties. You can warranty on your components and operational warranties as well. So if you want to ensure your garage door is installed properly and covered by warranty call us today. (320) 300-0370

Talk With a Pro From
McLeod County Garage Doors

When you work with McLeod County Garage Doors it'll be like working with your neighbor. We offer a variety of designs, material, and styles for you to chose from. This will help you make an informed decision before making a large investment.

  • Materials - Choose from various materials such as: steel, aluminum, and wood. We also recommend solutions for insulation, noise factor and weather seals

  • Aesthetics - We offer various styles, colors and designs that will fit any budget/dream.

  • Accessories - Customize your garage door by adding a number of security and efficiency options. We offer everything from garage door handles to cameras. 

  • Safety - We have many different accessories designed to increase the security of your garage.

  • Energy Efficiency - Offering R-Value ranges from 6 - 18.4 we ensure your door will be as efficient as possible.

Want to learn more about what we offer? Click Here 

At the end of the day your choice for garage door installation will depend on your lifestyle, budge, preferences and needs. Working with McLeod County Garage Doors will ensure you get your garage door project done properly. 

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