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Garage Door Cable Repair

Cable Repairs and Services

garage door cable repair

Cables play a crucial roll in the operations of your garage door. Because of this you should keep your cables in superior condition and contact a professional if you notice any issues or need your Garage Door system tuned. Contact Mcleod County Garage Doors TODAY. (320) 300-0370


Keeping Your Safety In Mind

At Mcleod County Garage Doors we prioritize not only the quality of parts and installation with your garage door but also the safety for you and anyone who may be around your garage door. We ensure that your garage door will work smoothly, and during the process, we'll be taking all the safety measures needed to keep everyone safe.

Garage door cables can become worn-out quickly due to the role they play in the garage door system. Like all service calls we will check your garage door cables and all other components to ensure they are working properly and replace anything that may be broken. Neglecting your garage door cables can be a serious safety concern and lead to accidents and injuries. Faulty garage door cables can also cause other components of your garage door to break leading to more repairs and higher chances of accidents.

For your safety call Mcleod County Garage Doors TODAY and we will inspect your garage door system to ensure that not only your cables are working properly but all other components are too.


What is the Purpose of Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cables are attached to the cable drums on both sides of the door. With help from the torsion and extension springs, the cables allow the garage door to move up and down smoothly. when a cable breaks it will add strain to the other cable causing it to fail as well. 

The cables are attached to both sides of the door at the bottom garage door panel and run up and attach to each end of the torsion spring shaft. The cables wrap or unwrap depending which way the torsion shaft spins allowing the door to open or close.

garage door cable repair

As mentioned when a cable snaps it causes the garage door to become uneven. This causes more stain on other garage door components, including rollers and tracks. This is why its important to check your cables and be sure there is no fraying in the cable and when a cable breaks it needs to be replaced immediately to prevent other garage door components from being damaged and also keeping your family safe.


Types of Garage Door Cables

Before you replace your garage door cables you need to know what type of cables you have for replacement. To understand the repair and process you will need to know what kind of cables you have so we have listed the most common types of cables below.

Torsion Spring Cables

Most common garage doors operate with torsion springs. The cables are responsible for winding up the springs. The springs release stored energy by unwinding, allowing them to lift the garage door when it is opened. Now, once the cables of the torsion springs snap, the springs won’t be able to unwind and open the garage door.


You will find the torsion spring cables at the garage door’s bottom corners.

Extension Spring Cables

Extension expand and contract causing the door to open and close.

Extension springs are used when there's not enough space above the garage door. They are not recommended if there is adequate room above for torsion springs as they are not as safe. Extension cables will snap and the spring can be removed from pully system and cause damage.


How Do I Know if My Garage Door Cable is Broken

Due to the essential role that garage door cables have in operating your door you'll want to replace them as soon as you notice any signs of damage. We have listed some signs to look for to know if your garage door cable is broken.

Falling Cables

If you notice the tension getting loose or the cables falling around the door, then there could be wrong with the cables. Check if they’re still wound around the drums. If not, then don’t use your garage door. It’s time to call A1 technicians for emergency garage door repair services.

Loud Noises

If you hear a loud bang in your garage its most likely a broken spring or cable. Damaged cables and springs will make an explosive sound. Call Mcleod County Garage Doors and schedule a free consultation with a technician to determine the issue.

Malfuctioning Door

If your garage door is not operating like it usual or not moving at all you may need cables repaired or even replaced. If you garage door is operating unusually slow or fast you'll most likely need a repair or replacement for your garage door cables.

Misaligned Door

If you notice your door is not sitting straight and you think your door is misaligned pay attention to your door while operating. If it is making scraping noises or struggling to raise or lower you may have bad cables. 

If your door is misaligned it'll hit and rub on other components of your garage door causing more issues.


What Happens If a Garage Door Cable Breaks?

Typically garage door cables break because of wear and tear. However, other factors such as corrosion or other defected components may cause them to break as well. If you notice a broken cable its best to not operate your garage door as it will cause more damage to other components. 


What Do I Do If My Garage Door Cable Breaks?

If your garage door cable is broken you will want to get it fixed right away before operating. You may be able to operate your garage door if a cable is broken but you will most likely wear down or break other components resulting in a bigger more expensive repair. It is not recommended to fix a garage door cable if you're not a trained professional with the correct tools.

Serving the Mcleod County region such as Glencoe, Hutchinson, Silver Lake, Biscay, Stewart, Winsted, Browntown, Plato and the surrounding Mcleod County area Mcleod County Garage Doors is there to help you with any garage door service or repair you may need! If you're not in the McLeod County area we can still service you. Call us to talk with a representative.

With years of training our trained professionals are happy to assist you and help you understand any garage door questions or needs. Contact us TODAY for a free consult and have one of our technicians help you. 

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What Do I Do If My Garage Door Cable Breaks?
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